STEPS - Good song? Bad song?

I quite like it, big camp chords in the chorus, then that key change. Doesn’t sound too dated either.

Heartbeat is a good song.

There is good pop and bad pop. This is terrible pop. I don’t care how much time has passed, no new appraisal of Steps will reveal anything other than what we know already. Awful shite.


I like the strings and key change.

Reminds me of Jpop. Seems like there should be a floppy haired manga character flying around to it.
It’s also an amalgamation of several better ABBA songs.

Not having this, they had a few great songs; One For Sorrow, Better Best Forgotten… and their version of Tragedy = better than the original. Also, I love Pete Waterman.
No way I’m listening to their new song though.

LOL. Steps version better than the Bee Gees.

they are awful. Unrelentingly so.

WHY THE FUCK am I even discussing Steps.

It is better though. They’re pretty awful a lot of the time, I’ll grant you that, but they’re not completely without merit.

Would be a middle ranked Eurovision entry. Maybe Estonia on a good year.