Stratford Upon Avon! Recommend me things, thanks ta etc

Hey team,

I’m heading up to Stratford this weekend with the family and would be super keen to know if anyone has any experience of a) good places to eat (either restaurants or cafes or whatever) or places to go (thinking of probably doing the whole ‘Shakespeare’s house’ thing).

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Haven’t been for a few years, and the only times I went was to go see a play, which you absolutely should do, since the RSC theatre is purpose built for Shakespeare performances and is a very nice experience.

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Yup that’s what we’re up to on the Friday :slight_smile: youngest very keen on the"gay cowboy play"

Timon of Athens? Nice.

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I recall The Garrick on High St being a nice pub that did nice food

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Perfect, thank you!

Butterfly farm!

More tea rooms than you can shake a stick at. If you have a sweet tooth, pop to Box Brownie; Huffkins is a good spot for pastry and lunch, but it can be a pain to get served in busy spells. The Encore is at the bottom of Bridge Street for good pub grub.


Ya Bard! is a good craft beer place on Rother Street next to the Playhouse - always have a great selection in cans and on tap.

Best fish and chips I’ve had in years was at Clopton Catch which is in a residential area and a drive but only 5 mins out of the centre (takeaway only).

The birthplace is on Henley Street which is the tourist street worth a walk down - the Birthplace itself is worth doing if Shakespeare is of interest and you’re already going to the theatre but it should also get you access to New Place as well which is less well known and has some nice gardens.

There’s a great Indian (Aladdin’s) down the road in Tiddington too.


Might be a little market on by the theatre which will have a few street food options and treats. Been a while but El Greco was good when I went, the food at the RSC was great when I went but it was a freebie so no idea on how pricey that is.

On a different level of fish and chip shop enjoyed the fact the Barnaby’s has sky sports which I’ve never seen before.

Quite like a short river walk loop which can combine with Holy Trinity church where Shakespeare is buried.

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Massive thanks to everyone with the replies, lots more than I was expecting and plenty to keep us fed and entertained :slight_smile: