Suggestions for music at my wedding (non-amplified)




At a bit of a loose-end…I’ve discovered the venue we’ve booked can’t play amplified music…or even facilitate a microphone. What music should I provide that basically fits into the DiS cannon? jazz band? Strings? A half-decent folk band? Otherwise my options are acoustic bands playing ed sheeran covers or the in-house dj for the whole thing.

To make things a tad more difficult…it’s in South Yorkshire. If it was nearer London it might be easier.


First off, congrats. We had a similar challenge at our venue. We were allowed minimal amplification for the ceremony, restrictions for the evening, and anything outdoors had to be fully acoustic. One of my wife’s friends is a really wonderful singer-songwriter so we asked her and her TV to do an acoustic Decemberists song (June Hymn) for the ceremony.
Then for the reception we had a swing/jazz band play outside for a couple of hours which wasn’t exactly peak DiS but was perfect for the atmosphere and got a ton of compliments.
I guess you’re asking more for the evening? We used a DJ through an events website called Alive Network. There were limits on what he was allowed to do in terms of volume (particularly around bass) but that wasn’t an issue at all. And he was dead good. We have him a list of guest requests and he took it from there.
Hope some of that is useful.


Can’t offer anything but a plug. I know a few people in this strange folk band. They are quite good mostly do covers (man who sold the world, Norwegian Wood) and have played a few weddings before. Based in York so not too far away


Oops here is the link


We booked a local band that we’d enjoyed in a wee town hall on the Moray coast. They’d never played a wedding before and didn’t know what to do when they turned up, so they went with a load of reggae / ska covers. Everyone loved them and it made a great change from the usual ceilidh / cheesy disco you get up here.