Summat gone wrong with the width on mobile


Same for me

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Looks fine to me


All gone wrong here!

                                                                                                                 looks fine to me

This is the end of days.

END! I say.


Loving having a look at the other side personally

Well done for not going in the social media thread


Yeah, no idea what this is. If it’s not fixed itself by tomorrow morning (as a lot of things tend to do) I will be having WORDS with Discourse.


Man, they’ve really done a number here huh? Reading is irritating but just about manageable, and then you try and type a reply…

Wish you could install extensions for Chrome on mobile. Would just get a stylesheet one and have it sorted in minutes. Doing my nut in.

It’s fine on a tablet, just mobile, oddly

This is pretty clearly not a good UX and as a non-neurodivergent member I can tell you it is a big deal to me as well. If it was done deliberately it makes absolutely no sense.

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Oh yeah definitely, me too, just aware that it’s an issue that’s come up over and over before now.

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I’ve created a thread on the boards about this because I couldn’t see anything similar on there already.


Same here m8s

Don replied with the issue cause and a workaround that one of the @admins can apply.

It seems to this cause by this Easy responsive footer
The component has a css line #main-outlet which cause this.

There is an other report about this issue on the theme component topic.

You can use this quick fix until it is fixed.
Go to /admin/customize/themes and create a new component.
Click on mobile section css and add the following.


Gold star for @ma0sm! :star:

…however, it turns out “Editing of remote themes is disabled in Discourse”. Getting in touch with our Discourse pals presently.

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Try refreshing the site on your mobile now!