Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2019

Kraftwerk to headline.

Tickets currently 199 Polish Zloty (£40). Only two days but tempted. Been before and it’s the best festival I’ve ever been to.


Might do it.

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More added


If I don’t go to Primavera I am defo doing this.

Niki can you remind me of the hotel you mentioned, please?

Literally opposite the site

Currently £78 for a couple of nights.

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Oh I didn’t update that I am definitely going to this now.

Ta! Friday and Saturday are the two main nights, right?


there are smaller gigs around the city on the thursday and sunday evenings but you can buy separate tickets for them if they turn out to be anything decent

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dunno why but their website is b0rked for me

Great line up so for. Not sure i can do a festival abroad this year but this looks like one of the best options so far.

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Is anyone apart from me actually going to this?

I went to Primavera, alas

This was, once again, amazing