That time when Low's Alan Sparhawk launched his guitar into the crowd at End of the Road 2008


The Jeffrey Magnum one in 2012:


Very good! :grin:


I was there too and it was as every bit as dangerous as everyone says, particularly given the number of small children in the audience. The bassist came out at the end apologised and checked everyone was ok.


I was at that ATP. Someone tried to start a fight with me while I was wearing a toilet costume during YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN’s set because I was dancing too much. Came as a bit of a surprise because I’d never thought of their music as stand-around-and-stroke-your-beard-while-contemplating-it-all style music.


I was there but I left at the start of the last song to get a decent spot for Sun Kil Moon in the tent straight after. So I missed the guitar flinging. Sparhawk was in a fucking foul mood from the moment he came out though so when I met up with my mates later and they told me about it I was not surprised.

Fantastic set that day though, has to be said. No regrets about missing the end either because SKM had the full band line up with Phil Carney on guitar and played a load of old Red House Painters stuff (Michigan, Make Like Paper etc.) Was fucking awesome. AND Kozelek was probably in a worse mood than Alan Sparhawk. Played a really heavy rocking set and the crowd were pretty confused because they were expecting the folky SKM I think. Anyway people started shouting out requests and Koz was like “Yeah we’re gonna play all of those later, all of them”. Then cracked into a LOUD 12 minute version of River and just fucked straight off stage.

I loved it but think I was in a minority.


All I can think about now is a robot Alan Sparhawk at the Opera.