That's Q magazine done

Haven’t read it in years, would occasionally buy it if there was a feature I was interested in - it could have really good features in it, but the review section always felt pretty bland (not sure if that was the case consistently or not).


This is me too and I think we’re part of the reason magazines don’t make money.

Us and Millenials.

Jesus Christ! I just bought the latest.

Well, we had our ups and downs over the years, but you taught me a LOT about music in my teens and I’ll always be grateful for that. Rest in peace, sweet magazine prince.



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Where will I get my monthly Bob Dylan/Neil Young/Bruce Springsteen/U2/Rolling Stones news


are there any music magazines at all that will still be going as print editions in 5 years?

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Cant believe i’ll never get to read their 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ special.

Used to love it. Am quite sad about it. Still bought it once ir twice a year depending on features. Always browsed it when doing my big Tesco shop (i know, I AM the problem)

They did seem to be rehashing stories on a regular basis but still a big loss and another big part of my youth gone


Shame. I haven’t bought an issue in maybe 20 years but did buy it in pre-internet days.

Good for a train ride Q, some fun features and good articles even if youre not a huge fan of the music. Shame


Think Q was the only one of the mainstream music mags that I never bought. Maybe Mojo too.

End of anecdote…

I read it every month because it was available on Readly. I guess I’m part of the problem.

They did a 100 greatest singles of all time poll back in the 90s that introduced me to a LOT of foundational music. Used to read religiously until my tastes got more ‘adventurous’. My impression is that throwing their lot in with Coldplay et al was a very financially safe move in the '00s but meant that a lot of ‘serious’ music fans (ie pretentious douchebags like myself) lost interest and never came back.

I owe it a lot though. Sad.


This magazine weirdly means a lot to me. My brother was bought a copy whilst he recovered from a near fatal car crash when I was 13 and he gave me it when he was done. It was an issue where they’d done a 100 greatest albums ever list. I must have read it back to back dozens of times and I used up all my pocket money trying to buy all the albums it listed.

Bought it a few times myself over the years and it was mostly shite and seemed to feature Bono as much as Mojo features Bob Dylan. Not sure many people will miss it much at all.


I think I got into a handful of bands as a result of Q Magazine free CDs. They definitely had their place for a while.






Never got one myself but always sad to see stuff like this. Actual print magazines have been doomed for a long time though tbf.

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Sad to see it go. It was essential for young teenage holiday travel


They lost me round about the time they kept giving 5-star ratings to albums that clearly didn’t warrant them but were by ‘big’ bands

I used to work nights in a supermarket around that time and I’d take the magazines to the canteen for a read. Have to admit I’m really struggling to say anything complimentary about Q compared to Mojo, Uncut etc where you’d find some really good reviews buried in the back etc.

But it apparently got good again in recent years?




Ach. I haven’t read it for maybe 20 years, but it was incredibly important to me when I was a teenager and didn’t know how to use the internet to find music to listen to.