The 2021 Wrestling Thread!

It’s the always perennially late wrestling thread! Things have been a bit dead since Wrestlemania but July looks like a big month (which has already kicked off with Great American Bash) as crowds (in America) return to wrestling shows!

In other news, Mr. Black arrives in AEW apparently because WWE forgot to up the no contest clause to 90! :smiley:

Terry Funk is living in assisted care in what sounds potentially like alzheimer’s :pensive:

Saw the black debut. The way they just got Arn out there to be attacked was lazy af. I guess they aren’t doing anything with his son now?

Whaaaaaaat a rrrrrruuussssssshhhhhh.


This would have been a spoiler if the AEW YouTube feed hadn’t already spoiled it for me this morning. The world did not want me to be surprised by this.

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Good point, I’ll tag it just in case

This reminds me that WWE just put The New Day top of of a 50 greatest tag tes of all time list the other week :rofl:

I mean I love them as much as the next guy but c’mon guys :joy:

For longevity combined with title wins and time at the top of the card who do you think beats them?

Too Much were robbed

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The Dudley’s.

Fuck sake, I was hoping Black would come back to NXT. Boooooo.

But the problem is they didn’t do it just in WWE I know I know.

Like New Day absolutely deserve to be up there but it shows how skewed a list it is when the only modern tag team worth its salt can walk in ahead of any of Dudleyz, Hardyz, E&C, Hart Foundation, Legion of Doom/Road Warriors etc

I actually think D Bry might turn up in aew

Yeah I think I might have them just above Usos but I don’t think there’s much in it

Zombie wrestling is now dead I might start watching again next week


Just watched it - it’s a simple misdirect, innit? Pretend you’re doing an interview segment, spring a debut on the crowd. They did a kill-the-lights fake out during Cody’s match which was a nice touch. Still not exactly elegant but better than when they just brought Andrade out to a crowd who clearly didn’t hear him being introduced and just looked/sounded confused. Or hyped Christian signing like the Biggest Thing Ever.

They’ll be doing stuff with Arn’s son at some point I’m sure. It seemed crazy early in his development to have him in any kind of match like they did the other week. They’ll probably get him on Dark/Elevation for a bit to rack up some reps. Personally I’m just hoping Black and Cody will be doing stuff now as it was looking like Cody vs QT and friends would run until the heat death of the universe.


Bayley out for nine months

Damn :pensive:

Pat McAfee is ace.