THE AUTUMN 2023 WRESTLING THREAD! (Feat. AEW Full Gear! WWE Survivor Series War Games! & more!)

Welcome to the final thread of the year, traditionally the quietest one (partly because I should have made it a month ago) but here we are!

So tonight then, pre-show at midnight, main show 1 am IT’S FULL GEAR, BABY!!! It’s a pretty decent lineup (as should be expected from AEW’s roster, really) here’s your card:

AEW do have one more PPV before the year is out, World’s End, on the 30th of December, but lets have your big calls for tonight!

Meanwhile, over in Fed land, we have the small matter of Survivor Series: War Games, being held in Chicago. Speculation on a certain Punk turning will run amock, but for now, here’s the card. As usual with the Fed lately, doesn’t look like much on paper but will probably overperform in reality:

Other than an NXT show this next month, this is it for WWE in 2023 with their next scheduled PLE (lol) being the Royal Rumble 2024, which we will cover in the next thread.

Similarly things are a bit quiet over in New Japan while they build up to Wrestle Kingdom, which again, we will also cover next go around.

Enjoy Graps Fans!


Count the pin!

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Yeah, seen this. How he finished i don’t know?

Put that belt on Toni this instant

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That is properly scary

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He just doesn’t get anywhere close to the rotation. Ring rust?

Maybe he was working the broken neck gimmick :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It did cross my mind that he was supposed to sell the neck and got carried away.

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Lol. Why is Ric Flair on this card tonight.

Looks a good line up but it takes two sittings to watch an AEW ppv due to the sheer length.

Cassidy Vs Mox should slap. As should the main event.

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Wait, how did we end up with Omega v the Bucks?

Dunno but “The Patriarchy” is a fucking hilarious heel stable name


Been watching a bit of old Fed stuff. Didn’t really dawn on me how good early Evolution were.

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The Bucks are just plum mad at Omega for hanging around with Jericho.

It’s pretty weak sauce but if we get the Bucks back in full dickhead heel mode I’m all for it.

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100%. Give me current Christian over Adam Copeland.


Inspired by the lads at the Grappl podcast, I’m about to start working my way through WWECW, which I completely missed first time around because I’d just moved to London and was too busy having fun.

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Yeah its funny how despite Christian often feeling (somewhat unjustly) in Edge’s shadow how he’s the way more relevant draw now and maaybe quietly at the end of the day will have arguably had the better career??


I’ve gotta be honest mate- what do you as a human being get out of posting this in here?
With the count the pin as well?
I apologise for this, I’m too drunk to read a thread properly.

idk I’m very drunk; ignore my two posts above sorry
someone went to the wales game too early

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Without a doubt.

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Won’t post any spoilers, but from reading them I’ve no interest in watching the main event and want to see page vs swerve asap

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