The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (BBC Radio 4 Drama)

So a mate of mine put me on to this and I’ve just finished and need to gush about it.
It’s a retelling of the H.P Lovecraft story as a true crime podcast, and the best thing I’ve listened to in ages. It’s very well done and really creepy in places. I was getting a bit worried towards the end as it was going to be hard to stick the landing, but they did it well.
Loved it.
If you want to listen to in on your phone, I’d recommend using the BBC Sounds app rather that streaming from the website.

Horror fan? Get stuck in :smiley:


This is extremely relevant to my interests. Cheers for this!


Thanks for the tip-off - almost exhausted my Audible downloads so after something new for being at work and bedtimes - this fits the bill perfectly.

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This was down this afternoon but is working again now. Fyi

Just finished this. Cheers for the tip. Thoroughly enjoyed it even though I found myself struggling to keep up with the cast of characters towards the end (this might not have been helped by listening to it over 2 weeks rather than bingeing it). Quite interested in going to read the book now to see how much was adapted.

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