🌍 🎹 The DiS Song Contest 2021 🎹 🌎

Alright, off the back of the Music League let’s try this.

In a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, each contestant will be given a random country and be asked to submit a song to me via DM. You’ll then be asked to vote for your favourites from the other entries, and I’ll reveal the results in a super fun thread at the end of it all.

Because it’s a random country, you’d be required to do some research into the music of that country and select a song that you think could win you the contest. You’ll also be required to listen to the full playlist when it’s done. So yknow, only sign up if you can be arsed, basically.

Some song rules:

  • The song must have been released in the last five years- nothing released before 2016
  • The song must be performed by an artist who is either from the country, or currently lives in the country. No crazy “third cousin twice removed is from x country” stuff.
  • Try not to be too obvious yeah? If you get Barbados, try to find something other than Rihanna
  • Ideally it’d be a song that has a youtube video- I’ll do both a youtube and spotify playlist

Please send me a DM if you want in. It’ll be good and fun and better than any other thread.


If we have to dm to enter, how are we to know that it’s the new hot ticket on the music forum?

you can also post in this thread saying something along the lines of ‘wow! what a great idea joke2000! you can count me in! I’m DMing you now!!’

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‘wow! what a great idea joke2000! you can count me in! I’m DMing you now!!’


that’s great to hear!!

Do I’m in then?

You’ve gotta DM me!

What if I’m nervous about taking that step?

I suggest you get the fuck over it and quicksmart

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  • That’s the sort of thing I can get over quicksmart
  • NO! Please don’t make me dm @Joke2000

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What country is Kermit from?


What if we don’t like DMing because it’s too intimate?


i’ll come round your house

There’s a pandemic happening right now, that’s a bit rude!


better DM me then

I can’t decide whether I like or hate this idea. I’ll get back to you.

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credit to everyone that has slid straight into my DMs with no fuss. They know a fun time when they see it.


It’s a great way to discover music from other countries :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

I might do this. Probably won’t though

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