The first two songs you’d play at a party


Been some interesting responses to this on our social accounts already but I know you lot are the real Party starters.


Depends whether or not it’s the sort of party where I’d stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.


out of the races and onto the tracks by the rapture and then desired effect by atom tree. In fact anyone know what happened to them? Still eagerly awaiting an album.


used to try and put on lots of music at parties but usually just received groans so i stopped


Id play the whole of 4 Rooms by Jakob Kierkegaard twice. Anyone who passes me the aux at a party has it coming.


No Brainer:

Pink - Let’s get the Party Started
Black Eyed Peas - Let’s get it Started



guy knows how to



Bad Boy Bob 1 + 2


Ha, my first thought was something by the rapture! :+1:


was at a party in 2010 where i put on Barricade by Interpol and someone complained that it sounded like music you’d hear in Next


Followed by



The Walkmen - The Rat
William Basinski - dlp 1.1


If we’re going by history, I’d lose the privilege thirty seconds into the Metro version of Fuck You (An Ode to No One) and the guests wouldn’t even know they’d lost their chance to ride the runaway freight train that is Pissant.


had a phase of putting this one on a lot

and more recently this one


Voodoo ray, the bells.


Yeah was one of my go-tos in this category for a while too!


Depends on the party, but first you have to establish you have decent taste and could put in something a bit different

(Anyone can put on lcd)

Then when you’ve reeled them in play whatever you want