The gigs you're most annoyed to have missed 🙄

The ideal thread for people who want to vent about stupid life choices from many years ago!

This is a favourite activity of mine, thinking of all the great gigs I just couldn’t be bothered to go to. Especially galling when you see that the band have now broken up or started releasing terrible albums, so you can’t even make up for past mistakes.

*Note - not for gigs you missed due to big things like being out of the country, it happening on your wedding day, due to terrible illness etc. Just things that you decided to miss for no good reason, and then instantly regretted it afterwards

All the Hot Snakes gigs I missed

The My Bloody Valentine ATP

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  • Decided that I didn’t care about seeing NEIL YOUNG on my BIRTHDAY playing THIS SETLIST. Absolute dweeb. In my defence I had booked to see The Futureheads the night before, and that’s an important band for my teenage musical development, but still …
  • Having a ticket to see Cymbals Eat Guitars play in New York when I visited my friend there, having loved them for years and never having the opportunity to see them over here. He then scheduled to play a gig that night, but gave me the tickets to go with another friend. In a fit of pique I decided not to go as my other friend wouldn’t be that into them … Obviously had a good night in NY anyway but why did I do that?? I’d have had a blast and he would have at least vaguely enjoyed it, totally skipped the gig just from spite. And now CEG are no more :frowning:

  • Having the chance to See Anais Mitchell 3 times after discovering her as my fav support act so far in my gigging life. Pretty ridiculous it’s taken me over 10 years to see her again given those facts and opportunities - but it’s being fixed next week!

Aslo, details people! Wallow in your misery.

Can’t believe I didn’t get tickets to see Nirvana supported by L7 and Godflesh at the Astoria - just didn’t bother - biggest gig regret

Missed Libertines at their height because I stayed in the Bull & Gate rather than walk to the Forum (I had a ticket) (actually don’t care too much about this one but my mate still can’t believe it)

Remember my mate suggesting we see Arcade Fire at the Astoria just after Funeral came out and me saying nah

Same for when my mate suggested we see Thee Oh Sees at that ATP pop up place

Had a ticket for Nick Cave at Hammersmith but didn’t go as it was a Sunday

I have got tickets for and missed loads of gigs. I’m very good/bad at this.

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Listen in future!


This thread will no doubt bug me as i am still so bugged about so many gigs i’ve missed.
So i hope you all enjoy this thread but i bid you fare thee well.

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I just wanted some company to know it’s not just me tbh

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Wasn’t great tbh


Used to have a really bad habit of booking gigs for the Monday night after an ATP, and then skipping them because I was inevitably a shell of a human. Two really stand out:

No Age / Deerhunter - this one was particularly egregious, as the venue was about five minutes from my flat. Got home mid afternoon, decided to have “a short nap”, woke up at 4am.

Ruby Suns / Most Serene Republic - it was in Hoxton, I lived in Tufnell Park, just didn’t bother. Managed to see Ruby Suns a few years later, but I dunno if MSR came over here again after that. I never saw them either way.

One I did make it to was Broken Social Scene, after the Pavement ATP. I spent the afternoon drinking red bull and playing GTA San Andreas to stay away. Ran into someone I knew at the show and failed at the very basics of conversation and had to excuse myself. Terrible. Show was great tho, BSS 4 life


Watching Coheed And Cambria in a tent at Sonisphere because it was raining instead of Heaven And Hell which turned out to Dio’s last show in the UK before he died is the stupidest decision I ever made.


Gang of Four were playing an arts festival here on my friend’s birthday in 2011. I thought he’d want to go but I mentioned it to him and he didn’t sound too enthused. I thought “right well I won’t push it, it’s his birthday”. So we just went out for pints instead. Towards the end of the night we must have been talking about the festival and I said “oh yeah, I think Gang of Four were playing tonight.” “Oh, really? I would have gone to that if I’d known.” ffsssss

At least thought I’d see them again sometime but now the singer has left and they’re apparently absolute shite so I won’t bother even if they come here again

Replacements in London when I was 18. Would have cost maybe £300 all in to go. I thought I should save for uni

2 weeks later they broke up

Jeff Buckley at the Fleece and Firkin in Bristol. I coulda, I shoulda… but I didn’t. I live in a state of eternal regret.


Not sure it completely fits the OP but I had a ticket to see Mayhem perform all of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas but got the date wrong. Went to check if stage times were up on their Facebook page and there was a post saying “Thanks for last night, Manchester! You ruled” etc. Oh I see, it was Thursday night, not Friday night…


Had tickets in the basket for Prince at the Roundhouse before deciding I should be a sensible adult and not borrow rent money from my Mum (again) and just catch him on the next tour instead.

Fugazi at Exeter Lemon Grove because I was too embarrassed to go with my Mum (I was 13 at the time and wouldn’t have been allowed in otherwise).

Masters of Reality at the Garage because it got rescheduled and clashed with a Melt Banana gig I already had tickets for. Decided Masters of Reality would be back sooner than Melt Banana, think they’ve played here once in the ten years since whereas MB tour every year or so.

Fugazi’s run of shows at the Forum :frowning: Still remember looking for ages at the advert in the NME and thinking “Nah, I’ll catch them next time”

In a similar vein, I had tickets to see Kate Nash, to which I invited a girl I was pretty into. Leave my hometown on the bus, get into my flat in the city to chill out beforehand … only to find out I’ve left them back home. Cue major disappointment from her, understandly.

Worst part is a week later I found out they were actually in a pocket of my bag that I hadn’t checked, so we could have made it all along …


Already kicking myself for not getting Lizzo tickets when I had a presale code :sob:

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