The Lightning Seeds are well underrated

Feel like they’re never ever mentioned in any context other than Three Lions


it’s a mee-a, the Lightning Seeda

well now this post doesn’t make sense


Jollification is a wicked album

Nothing else to add, your honour


Pure and simple as


A hugely underrated band. Especially love the collab stuff he did with Terry Hall e.g:

Pure pop, isn’t it?


Pure was great ofc

Glastonbury set was absolutely brilliant and up for the next week or so I think. Just great uplifting guitar pop


Can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to explore beyond the Like You Do compilation, but there are a lot of bangers on that. It’s a proper nostalgia hit too - Their singles were absolutely everywhere in the 90s. There was a period where you couldn’t turn on Radio 1 without hearing them.

That’s some setlist tbf, hit after hit


Think Sunshine is the only one I don’t know

And also just learned You Showed Me was a cover


I always knew it as a Turtles cover, but never realised You Showed Me was written by The Byrds until just now!


I would have a very nice time watching them play that set somewhere, around 5pm or so, with a cider or three.


IIRC, Broudie first heard it via the sample on 3 Feet High And Rising. I think I read that in one of those ‘cash for questions’ bits in Q Magazine and it appears to have stuck in my brain ever since for no apparent reason.

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100% agree with this. Feel like I should know wayyyy more of their music than I do. See also: The Mighty Wah, who have a bit of a connection, right?

Not too sure but Broudie was in these with Bill Drummond, Holly Johnson and others

‘Jollification’ was the first album (on cassette) I ever bought with my own money…I think it was the first time i was aware of album tracks and that bands had songs that you wouldn’t hear on the radio

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Man, completely forgot Sugar Coated Iceberg exists. Had that on cassette single. Can’t remember what it sounds like, though.

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Im currently having this exact experience :smiley:

They probably would be quite fun to see these days, but then they would probably play three lions and ruin it all so can’t imagine id ever spend the money to find out

‘A Small Slice of Heaven’ is a really underrated song…

A Small Slice of Heaven - YouTube

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They were my first big musical obsession - Jollification was the first album I bought, first band I saw live etc. They were a huge gateway band as a kid exploring all the bands Ian Broudie had been in or produced lead (as much as you could find of obscure bands pre-internet) me to the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Fall, Teardrop Explodes, The Specials through the Terry Hall connection etc. I played the Liverpool punk/new wave episode of Rock Family Trees over and over to try and find out as much as I could about that whole scene and the bands involved.

Saw them again just before Covid hit on the Jollification reunion tour. It was only a few months after my mum had passed and my dad just wasn’t going out anywhere and didn’t know if he could face going to theatres etc any more. I got us a couple of tickets for their show at Holmfirth Picturedrome. We both had an amazing, emotionally charged night - these songs were the soundtrack to my childhood that with recent events had been on my mind a lot around that time anyway and it was a huge release for both of us doing something normal and spending quality time together again. Got completely lost in the pitch black on the drive home as fog had settled over the moors resulting in some of the roads being closed and we were both pretty much out of phone battery or signal to check maps. My dad tends to get stressed about this kind of stuff, so I reassured him that I had enough petrol, it was all part of the adventure and as long as I was back in time for work the next day we’d be fine. We eventually worked our way out of the moors into a deserted part of East Manchester I didn’t know. By the time we found ourselves back at the same landmark for the third time neither of us could stop laughing. I’ll always remember that night.

The Broudie’s have always seemed like good eggs too. Ian’s been a big supporter of the Hillsborough Justice campaign throughout and his brother Robert was a civil rights lawyer in Liverpool who fought for those caught up in the Toxteth Riots and were being unlawfully treated.

This is a favourite early single:

(sorry not intentionally a reply to @wikihock )