The Locust 2020

As discussed in the ATG thread.

London 23rd August

more to come!?

A friend mentioned this yesterday, so I’ll be going.

I am looking forward to this show and will probably have some beers before.

  • I would be in favour of a DiS white belt wearers meat
  • I am not in favour of this because the early 2000s were almost 20 years ago and my life has moved on since then
  • I am not going to the show or don’t like the Locust or don’t like you / other people

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Probably going with some irl pals but i’m sure we’ll see some of eachother anyhoo.

New material on the way apparently


:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

Incredibly solid line up, St Pierre Snake Invasion are fucking amazing.


Got my ticket, should be a good one!

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Tickets booked, at least three friends are going by looks of it.