The Music Board Disappeared From The Main Screen

It’s for the best.


I have the opposite. The social board has gone


It’s fucking back

Me too!

Fucking annoying innit

social board has gone

Lost its wig

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I’ve raised this with Discourse, we’ll see what happens

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Your profile pic on that thread is incredible

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It’s for the best.


@moderators I don’t have the permission to do what’s been asked here, could one of you take over?

Cheers for looking into this @ma0sm I’ll take a look

Edit: Might have spoken too soon I can’t seen the edit button on my screen might be one for @admins

Editx2: Is everyone else still affected by this? I can see the Music Board on the main screen.

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I still get it consistently. No idea what the pattern is as to who this does and doesn’t affect.

Social board still missing for me

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social stilling missing here too

I swear this has coincided with the hit detection going weird. when I try to tap on the ‘social’ tag underneath a thread title on the ‘suggested topics’ bit at the bottom of threads (currently the only way to reach the social page on mobile?) it keeps missing and clicking on that thread title instead

this might just be my imagination / fat fingers though i swear it’s got more pernickety lately

Discourse suggested this, and it worked for me:

There was a recent change

FEATURE: hide muted categories from /categories list by pmusaraj · Pull Request #6531 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

where if a user mutes a category in their preferences here

1118.png1227x1274 102 KB

then that category is also not displayed on the /categories page (which happens to be the homepage on your community)

Can you please make sure that users that have the issue on your community don’t have those categories muted?

don’t think I have anything muted

doesn’t even look like I have the ability to mute things

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Too bad