The Pains of Being Pure at Heart


I like them. There’s a UK tour coming up (if anyone cares!)


First album was great, and after that they became completely unlistenable for me.


The albums don’t even sound that different.


They definitely do.

vs this guff


Same for me. They embraced “dream pop” and that was the end of them.


Always been an EP band for me, the first album is great though


LOVED their debut.

Wasn’t that fussed with their 2nd.

Really, really liked their 3rd.

Think the songwriting has been consistently strong if you like that kind of thing. Their last album was gorgeous if a bit lightweight in parts. Not gonna deny that the sound they had at the start is their best.


Yeah. I was a huge fan of their debut and early EPs. I couldn’t get into their subsequent stuff though.


Interesting to see all the different opinions here, I thought the debut was good, their second was great but couldn’t get on board with their third at all


Their debut is great

2nd album is also great (I had it down as being just as good as their debut, bit surprised to see it’s less liked here)

Haven’t heard their 3rd album, although I get the impression it’s weaker than the first two.