The perfect soundtrack for a dawn walk

Who would you listen to?

I made this Marissa Nadler “Unhappy Hour” playlist that I thought you lot might enjoy


I’d include this.

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Woozy dawn vibes

'Scuse the JAG but this vibe is exactly what I was going for here

Which in turn was inspired to some degree by these tracks from vg soundtracks

Then there’s these other tracks which are perfect for late night/early morning walks

And here is some ‘actual’ music

Christina Vantzou, Grouper, Penelope Trappes and AA Williams amongst others.

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Take your headphones out, turn your music off and listen to the sounds of nature around you.


I always thought that track Silence was a gimmick until I heard it on my phone / headphones whilst out walking then the natural sounds created the performance.

In the context of this podcast, it really works and feels wonderfully special. I really recommended giving this a listen sometime.