The Prodigy

The Prodigy have new music coming out tomorrow. Does anyone care anymore?

My late 90’s self does. My 2018 self says ehhh. I’ll still give it a whirl.

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I saw The Prodigy at Brixton Academy in December 1995 supported by The Chemical Brothers on an all nighter. (The day before, I saw Pulp at that venue.) Both brilliant gigs.

As it’s a Prodigy thread they were relevant and brilliant back then but not anymore.

I’ll certainly listen to their albums again but I can’t watch men older than me shouting that they’re “troublestarters or firestarters or have a remedy to a poison”.

I don’t mean to be cruel to them but nowadays no one cares anymore about them as the original poster asked.

Having said all that, Jilted is a 10/10 album.

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‘Jilted’ is indeed amazing and hasn’t dated at all (unlike ‘Experience’).

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Dunno, some of the new stuff I’m hearing come out right now from other acts has more in common with Experience than Jilted.

Prodigy were great fun in 1991/92 and a superb live act around 1995/96. But beyond that, nothing much.

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I really like their album always outnumbered never outgunned from 2004. No silly vocals. Just music and some good music at that.

I was at that. Good times :+1:

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as a metaller in 1994, i couldn’t understand why i liked No Good (Start The Dance) so much. Probably because it’s an absolute TUNE! agree that Jilted is still great. it’s a shame they went off the boil after that. Bits of crabby one were ok and i remember liking AONO when it came out. They’ve seemed to have lost all originality since though - just rechurning the same old milk to the same old butter, which merely makes us fat.

I saw them a few years ago, and it was surprisingly great. Brilliant live show. Supported by Public Enemy, who was also entertaining.

I think I like everything the Prodge have done, in different ways. Jilted is a classic.

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New song is called Need some1 and it’s having it’s first play on Annie Mac’s show tonight BBCR1

I saw them at Manchester Arena in 1997 supported by the Foo Fighters. Prodigy were great. Foos were shite.

The problem for me was… Firestarter was great but then Keith went “I HAVE A MICROPHONE!” and they kept doing it. Their instrumental stuff is great but the Keith stuff has been diminishing returns ever since.

That’s the only Prodigy album I’ve heard. Bought it in a twofer deal with The Cure’s self-titled. A good combo!

You owe it to yourself to listen to Music for the Jilted Generation.



The Dirtchamber Sessions was fucking brilliant


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Music For The Jilted Generation. Played that album to death when I got it. Absolutely class.

Saw them in a glorified barn in Millstreet in rural County Cork in 2005. Fucking loved it. First gig I was ever at where I could feel the bass hit my chest like that. I was probably the only person there no on yokes as well.

I have it on now. It’s boss.


Saw them at Doncaster Dome in 1997, they were class, danced my arse off!

Up to and including Jilted they were amazing but have been awful since. Used to have a Prodigy VHS around that time which i watched to death.

The video with them dancing in front of the gate in a field…could never get my legs going that fast :smiley: