“The Tallest Man On Earth has added an event you might be interested in”

Ahh, maybe a decade ago brotha. Maybe in 2010.


Your brother sounds quite thoughtful IMHO

I bet the event is standing in front of me at every gig I go to.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahaaaaaa


Oh, sometimes the news is just a passing bird, and why can’t that always be?

Excellent punning aside, I saw him barely half a decade ago, in 2016. He performed with a full band and danced around the stage in brown leather shoes like a sexy Swedish faun, and I was enchanted. Seriously, the dude has stage presence in spades.

Still find it weird that people said he was the Swedish Bob Dylan, as if it was a bad thing…

The Darkness of the Dream


The Dreamer