“The Thinking Mans Crumpet” David Thomas Broughton is touring in November/December


Looking forward to seeing him again - incredible performer

Question for @imaperv

I’m putting on the Newcastle gig.

Please come, any north east DiSers. It will be very good


DTB and Richard Dawson in a matter of weeks in December. grand.


Always a treat, I haven’t seen him for years.
Going to the first of the two London shows.


here’s tickets:

and the facebook event:


for the Newcastle gig I’m putting on


Anyone going tonight then? Or Sunday for that matter.


Anyone been to any of the gigs so far?

Newcastle tonight for any DiSers up here interested. I’ll be on the door, say hello.


The first London show was absolutely incredible. Hopefully you can slip away from the door and catch some of the set.


I approve of when someone applies an erroneous nicknames to the sort of musicians you’d expect to be the last ones to have a nickname. ‘Yer Man’ BonIvor, ‘International Soft Men’ Neutral Milk Hotel and The Thinking Man’s Crumpet DTB.

Just wanted to pop in this thread and express that I approve of this trend.


just listening to this version of why are you not here again

perfect song.


Urgh, Bristol gig is the same day as my work Christmas meal.


dream setlist anyone?

a man to call my own
aint got no sole
unmarked grave
why are you not here
plunge of the dagger

i didn’t listen to crippling lack enough first go around. there’s some lovely stuff on there, it’s just too big for me to commit to it very often.


<33333 worra lovely man


So does David, it seems