This Ain't No Disco - A Talking Heads Listening Club - Little Creatures

that one-two sequencing of Naive Melody into Once in a Lifetime:

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Byrne was still at it for American Utopia and all

What are your favourite moments in the film?

  • Byrne comes out with a boombox for Psycho Killer
  • Tina comes to join on bass for Heaven with Lynn Mabry singing backstage
  • Frantz comes on in his blue shirt for Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
  • Jerry’s here! The core band jam out for Found A Job.
  • Lynn and Edna Holt are on for Slippery People and they’re playing air guitar! Steve Scales on the bongos!
  • Bernie and Alex are here and they are giving it their all for Burning Down the House!
  • Wobbly arms, wobbly legs, running on the spot, running around the stage. Life During Wartime!
  • Lights down, phrases projected in red for Making Flippy Floppy.
  • He’s possessed! David gets a close up of his slicked back hair and face for his Swamp character.
  • The band are lit from below for What A Day That Was
  • David dances with the lamp for This Must Be The Place
  • Recreating the video for Once In A Lifetime
  • The girls can do it to y’all! Genius of Love
  • Skinny man wide suit! Girlfriend Is Better
  • David introduces the band and there’s a long extended breakdown for Take Me To the River
  • Every single last reserve of energy is poured in to Crosseyed and Painless, and we see the audience dancing at long last
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[Interlude 1: Chris Frantz]
Check it out!

[Interlude 2: Chris Frantz]
The girls can do it too, y’all!

[Interlude 3: Chris Frantz]
Check it out!

[Interlude 4: Chris Frantz]
Psychedelic and Funkadelic!
And everything is just jumping outta sight!
All night!
Check it out!

[Interlude 5: Chris Frantz]
James Brown, James Brown! Yeow!
James Brown, James Brown! Yoooo!
He still is the Godfather of Soul, y’all, so check it out!
Feels good to me!

Incredible that a microphone was placed anywhere near this man.


Chris Frantz:

The high watermark of 20th century anglophone culture

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I can’t remember if I’ve listened to just the Stop Making Sense soundtrack before. Only saw the film a few years ago, unless I saw it when much younger and forgot (not likely). Expected more from it, seeing how it’s raved about. But I should give the soundtrack a go.

Y’all being too cruel with Chris Frantz. Yeh he’s mebbe not the world’s best drummer but he did provide a rock solid foundation for Talking Heads. I’m in the middle of reading his biography and the man has zero ego, is perpetually grateful for the life he’s had and for someone who professes to smoking a lot of weed, an incredible memory for detail.


A vote for Speaking in Tongues! Burning Down The House: how Talking Heads' ‘Speaking in Tongues’ ignited New York's dancefloors |

"Thanks to these dance music historians, we also know that Levan spun no fewer than four ‘Speaking In Tongues’ tracks at the Paradise Garage: ‘Burning Down The House’, ‘Slippery People’, ‘Swamp’ and ‘This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)’.

Imagine hearing Swamp at a club!


I enjoyed this public TV show review of the film

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you really have to hand it to Larry Levan!

Some clubs have speakers in the toilets tbf


I’ll be kicking off Little Creatures shortly!

In the meantime, how do you rate Stop Making Sense (combined soundtrack and film rating for simplicity’s sake):

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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I’m always shocked at the recall a lot of musicians seem to have in their memoirs. Currently reading Keith Richards’ one and like, wtf?! I have two beers and last night’s events get a little blurry.


Imagine playing Swamp and not Girlfriend is Better

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Little Creatures


We are now in the territory of Talking Heads albums I’ve only listened to once. After a run of every album bettering the previous one this felt like such a slam on the brakes. I did not gel with this at all, it just felt so simple and unexciting after Speaking In Tongues in a way I could never really understand.

However, I am going in with no preconceptions. Hoping to find something I did not get first time round.

What are your favourite songs on Little Creatures?

  • And She Was
  • Give Me Back My Name
  • Creatures Of Love
  • The Lady Don’t Mind
  • Perfect World
  • Stay Up Late
  • Walk It Down
  • Television Man
  • Road To Nowhere
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Same here. Have every album on LP and if I’ve played this more than once I’d be surprised. On looking at the tracklisting for the last three albums I only know three songs, one single from each.

(Love the foil sticker on the back cover image you posted, have a lot of those on albums I bought in Italy on a family holiday.)

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Struggling to find anything to latch on to here