This artist has had his music pulled by youtube!? Should big business be allowed to censor art?



This artist has had his music censored by youtube. I’ve watched the video, theres nothing more freaky about it that your standard horror trailer. Do you think that youtube should be allowed to censor this kind of stuff?
link here


This artist hasn’t


Jesus christ, I just flashed back to being a terrible skateboarder in 2000. That is some shocking footage!

What do you think about youtube pulling videos though?


point proven @Aggpass


@lucylong I think its terrible. I dunno if you’ve watched the vid but its nothing less than your standard hollywood horror trailer.


yeah I watched it (really digged the music actually very dark NIN crossed with a sorta Tom Waits vocal) I gotta agree I don’t see why its been pulled




can’t believe 8 people have clicked that link! anyone want to tell me where it goes


Business can do whatever the heck business wants. don’t try to get in business’s way, because business is too big to get in the way of.


To Clash Music


These guys are out of control


sorry, I meant anyone who hasn’t set up an account solely to plug whatever this shit is


My point exactly


No idea. I certainly wasn’t one of them.