This evening I'm going to start listening to Myths Of The Near Future by Klaxons

I say it’s rubbish and that the original is untouchable, what you gonna do about that

Pretty sure hes involved with ABBA now too

Best version of it’s not over. It’s the band of one of the people who wrote it originally too

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Hang on, I should probably listen to it to re-evaluate. I think you might be right.

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Oh gosh Funkhouser, you’re so right. I mean, the song itself is amazing but this is fucking dreadful.

Back to Julien Baker to soothe my poor ears


Myths of the near future, solid 6/10. It holds up better than I thought it would. Fond memories. It’s not fantasy black channel but a fun listen

Should have ended the album on it’s not over (good cover imho) as the last track is shite.

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Don’t see this kind of quality post enough anymore.



Flag this :fu:


The original is incredible but the cover is good

There’s something very amusing about you not making it all the way through threads about CCB not making it all the way through albums! :grinning:


Clear motivation to make it to Golden Skans and then lose interest quickly afterwards. Easy win!

Great album imo


MOre like the Klaxoffs

Eric Klaxon

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Echoes is good off the second album

Should’ve just listened to Gravity’s Rainbow 11 times.

Ah yes I think because I’d only voted and not posted I wasn’t seeing these threads flag as having updates to read. I wasn’t right in either, or this one, got my fingers crossed for next week though.

Went back to this album recently and enjoyed it quite a bit

Its solid especially divorced from the nu rave hype

Golden skans is a pop banger for the ages

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