This festival looks good


Stories by Graham Duff?!

Draham Guff

Hadn’t noticed anything below the larger print bands. Looks better if you ignore that I think

Never realised there were so many bands named after flowers. Good poster

I’ve been to the Continental in Preston. I saw the Pastels there. I think they like a bit of indie pop in Preston. This does look good.

Probably where the frontman of the Ordinary Boys got his name from then

Decent venue?

is that the bluebells that done young at heart (heart heart) that’s good if so

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Yeah, was fine. Quite small - 200-300 capacity I’d guess.

The Fallen Women are great fun. Finally saw them live in December 2019.

Miki from Lush with The Fallen Women

“all female Fall karaoke band”

yeah go on then


Petstream Jony

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Not often I see a festival line-up posted on here and don’t recognise a single name


The Orchids are a mid-80s indie band. If that’s the same band named there.

They were on Sarah Records. Saw them about 15 years ago at The Luminaire. Good band.

Swansea Sound are Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey from the Caternary Wires, Heavenly, Talulah Gosh etc. Also Hue Williams from the Pooh Sticks. Haven’t heard anything yet but great pedigree!


Cheers. Seen Amelia Fletcher in a few bands over the years but haven’t heard of Swansea Sounds.

I’ll check them out.

Pretty new I think.

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Listening to Corporate Indie band now. It’s what you’d expect but really good, I like it.