This Menace Beach review


what is ‘fuckboycore’? i thought it was just a noisy pop album


Are you seriously telling me you’ve never heard of fuckboycore?



i have never heard of #fuckboycore

and i don’t want to google it at work


all you need to know is that Boycore sucks.




imagine listening to a whole album of that.


better than bon iver


yeah but i mean, how far do you think you’re going to get by passing albums around like, hey, you should listen to this, it’s better than Bon Iver!




I’ll do it until he can do his yeah boi in front of a sold out audience


this has MJ from Hookworms in right?


oh its 18 months old this review

has fuckboicore moved on?


Met them after their Cambridge gig in support of this album. They were really sweet and nervous and did a really great show. Remember reading that review at the time and thinking it seemed pretty unfair. Anyway they’re recording with Brix Smith now and that seems like a good combination.


I think its a strong album - bit shambolic but that’s part of the charm…a 4* just about in my rateyourmusic ratings