This new Dalek track is great


They’ll close out 2016 with a show in NYC before taking a break to wrap up the next album

Two Dalek albums in the space of a year? Yes meight.

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first track from new album:

unfortunately Molten isn’t on the album.


I was really worried when they came back without Oktopus it would be a disappointment but I needn’t have. Asphalt for Eden was great and this sounds like it could be even better.

Asphalt For Eden only came out in about dec didn’t it?

Enjoyed that un, especially the last track

Nah it was April.

DJ Oktopus has a new project that sounds interesting too:

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I really love Dalek. Feel they’re so underrated. I slept on them for years, and it wasn’t until I happened to see them supporting Flying Lotus at Royal Festival Hall years ago that prompted me to check out their albums. So good.

Asphalt For Eden is excellent.

this is fucking great!

Show in London in November.

Anyone going?

another new track:

that Third Culture Kings album was pretty crap.

Ever somber is favourite rap song ever

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Oh shit! Didn’t realise this was out. Diving in now…

this is great obv, beyond the madness is my fav track i think
saw them on sunday and it completely blew me away
weird how underrated they are, just seen they’re playing in Colchester tonight for £8 entry :open_mouth:

Gutted they’re not playing anywhere near me. I imagine they’re ace live.