Thursday Football: The thinking man's continental competition edition


Sick of all the boring squids in the CL, why not try the Europa League featuring hipster favourites: Young Boys, Anderlecht, Austria Vienna, Sassuolo, Qarabag, Villarreal and many, many more!

Spurs lose, City win, Leicester win.

Villa conceded in the last 10 minutes AGAIN

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Feyenoord and Man Utd are playing tonight. Let’s hope they both lose.


(Yo Hoogs, thinking Feyernoord vs Ajax for a potential little football trip at some point, I’ve been to the Ajax arena before so would prefer to do the Rotterdam leg, would I get my head staved in by some neo-nazi thugs?)

Unlikely, as these matches are always very heavily policed with strict segregation between both sets of fans. Tickets might be hard to come by though, as this is the biggest match of the season, and usually restricted to club members only.

Their ground isn’t particularly big either is it? One for another season anyway but I’d like to do it.

De Kuip’s capacity = 51,577. Only marginally smaller than the Amsterdam Arena.

No-ones told him, have they?

Southampton need to actually turn up tonight after a shitey season start. But I think they will as the new diamond formation looked at least a little solid against arsenal last week.

Very unnerving that we’re looking so imperious so early. We’ve not played a good side yet, sure, but swatting teams away so ruthlessly so soon in a way poses more questions than it answers. Got a nagging feeling that when we do lose it’ll be in hugely dramatic and embarrassing circumstances.

Good Utd team overall. That defence can be got at but looking forward to seeing Pogba in a (presumably) more advanced position liking up with Rashford.


Yeah we’re fucked

Depor have signed Ryan Babel on a four month contract.


Do I get a badge for quoting myself?

Dundalk doing better than man u :slight_smile:

Tadic getting dragged away from the pen.

Also Utd lolz

No idea Dundalk made the euros