Tipping bands

Been thinking for a while now that often I’ll get merch more because of wanting to chuck the band a bit of money rather than particularly wanting a t-shirt or record.

Bands just having a ‘buy us a pint’ £5 contactless option at the merch stand

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea
  • Already exists

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Just asking a band to stick a fiver through the merch desk without wanting to buy anything

  • Cool and nice
  • Bit patronising
  • Just get a fucking t shirt m8

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Nowt worse than wanting to support a band but all the merch is proper minging


Bought a record at the Jeff Parker gig last weekend but they had no change so I just told them to keep the fiver. Is that okay?

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Presumably quite a lot of musicians using YouTube are doing the patreon/YouTube donate thing so no different really is it.

Really wanted to support the band Peaness when I saw them the other week, very much did not want any merch with Peaness on it.


Feels like most merch is playing a very artificial game. Band are selling cause they want the money, I’m buying because I want to give them the money. Shit t shirt is a middleman we can both do without

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Reckon artists should be allowed to flog marked up Panda Pops and Space Raiders after the gig.


still amazes me the number of bands that make creative original music, often do the same for their album artwork too … and then their merch is just the band name or an album cover stuck onto a black tee (looking at you Big Thief!)

quite like a pocket/box logo tee tbh, usually the more garish stuff that’s offputting

but I’ve seen your shirts, you’re a loud boy

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Probably wouldn’t be pinging Kenny a fiver tip anyway tbf

definitely happy to pay a little more at a merch stand (feel like the deluxe Press Club was £3-5 more than I could have got it from a local shop) but there are limits too. No Kurt Vile, I will not pay £40 for your new album, even if it’s long and pressed on a very pretty green …

If I don’t like any of the merch I might buy an album

Fuck me that’s bad. He’d need to pay me to wear it.

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Think he wanted £40 odd for it

ive got too many t shirts now

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Would be nice if there was some way you could get stuff off their Bandcamp from the merch stand for those of us who don’t want more physical stuff cluttering up the place. Think David Thomas Broughton was selling these little sketched postcards with a bandcamp code on the back when I saw him, I liked that idea.

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Really like the buy us a pint idea. Would be good to see it get some traction on social media.

reckon they might like people buying their music

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Would be perfect if you could give the band ten or twenty quid and they give you a kebab for the train home.


When I was on tour in America once a guy came out to the merch whilst the headliners were on and said he appreciates how tough it is for new bands and gave me $100. Didn’t even want a record or T shirt. Almost cried, was so generous. I think of that guy a lot, I hope he’s having the best life.

I’m all for tipping bands, I’d happily chuck a tenner or whatever to a great band I just enjoyed watching but wasn’t into their merch and already owned their records.