Tomorrow's gig is

A self-described “punk rock death match” between The Control Freaks (new band from Greg Rip Offs) and Johnny Throttle (fronted by the guy from the Parkinsons) at Paper Dress Vintage at Hackney Central.

Pip Blom for me.

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Tomorrow I’m off to see Richard Hawley and James Dean Bradfield doing a charity night in Sheffield. Apparently they are playing three venues in one night, rotating round the venues - Lou Doillon is also playing.

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Tomorrow I will be seeing Luke Haines at Ramsgate Music Hall. The last time I saw him was a less than satisfactory experience, so am hoping this will be more enjoyable. If not, then the missus is driving and they have Gadds on tap.

Gadds on cask is always going to be a good consolation prize.

Shellac at a venue that I’ll find out where t actually is today, if I remember to look out for it

Saw them last night in Glasgow. You’re in for a treat!


Dragged Into Sunlight.

Tonight’s gig is Today is the Day.

Shellac on Saturday
Melvins on Monday

Chillin’ on Tuesday.

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Alright Craig David.


Coldcut. Maybe. If I can be arsed.

[quote=“fellover, post:8, topic:18686”]
Shellac on Saturday[/quote]

Me too :slightly_smiling_face:

Any idea who’s currently playing with Buzz and Dale? Not seen them in a while and see they’re playing round these parts at the end of the month…

Yep, that didn’t work properly…

Vessels in Clwb tomorrow; then Richard Dawson on Saturday.

Its Jeff from Red Kross - who are also opening up all the euro dates on this tour.

actually its his brother Steve - apologies Today is the Day wore me out (in a good way…)

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Glad you had fun :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure I’ve seen Red Kross in over 20 years (remember them opening a Reading Festival back in the 90s!)

Shellac on Saturday? Me three. Never been to the Fleece, is it any good as a venue?

Yes! Can be a bit of a squeeze when it’s sold out though. Seven Stars next door is good for beer.

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I’m off to Shellac and Melvins too. I don’t mind the Fleece when full as long as you can slink your way round by the bottom of the bar. Then you can even do shocking things like order drinks while the band is playing. Turning up late, wandering in and being confronted with a wall of bodies isn’t great though.

I like the Cornubia for pre-drinks personally, awesome place.

Shellac for me too. The Cornubia was on the pre-drinks list but looks like I’m driving as the train times back to Wales are shit.