Towers of London


Really liking their new direction and new song - a real transformation & positivity


I agree mate. Great to see the lads back and refreshed.


Hi Donny!!!



“a cigarette?! that you can legally buy in shops?! well i’ll try and carry on but i’m shocked and appalled!!”


Pretty cool that they’re collaborating with BrightVibes for the comeback.


I almost bought a flat 10 years ago. The upstairs guy looked like the frontman of Towers of London, the downstairs guys were both in their late 60’s BOTH wearing KNITTED METALLICA jumpers. I really should have moved in there but something told me… noooooo!


Will they be doing the fucking hits?


no rotten compromises m8



There’s something sad about seeing Donny Tourette getting on a bit. Receding hairline, heavily made up in the video :’(

According to their instagram (which itself was an advertised post as I don’t follow them) they’ve been recording in LA. How do they pay for all this? Have they re-signed to someone? How?


alan mcgee is managing them


Digging this fresh punk sound


jesus christ that video is not on


His vocals have been processed a lot.


*Uncle Alan


This sounds like a pub band playing U2 covers tbh


Might have been better if it was Debbie.


fucking hell


He reminds me of Dennis Pennis.