Trail of Dead / My Vitriol November Tour

Just seen this, co-headliners.

Bristol Thekla seems like a smaller venue than they could feasibly sell out, no idea on the current popularity of My Vitriol tbh. Nottingham Rescue Rooms and a couple of Koko gis too.

Hi som


imagine agreeing to co-headline with My Vitriol


Hope this will means Trail of Dead will be on first so I can fuck off home after their set.

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I’m guessing My Vitriol must still be quite popular; with just under 30k views, the thread about them is by far the most viewed thread on the music forum in the last year, and seventh on this site. You’ll never squeeze that many people into the Thekla. I’m surprised this hasn’t sold out in a flash.

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I can’t. It seems a bit strange. Their last (I think) date in Bristol was the Academy. Seemed a bit sparse, but still a decent sized venue.

wish I’d waited before buying tickets to London, Nottingham is a lot easier

I saw them playing the Anson Rooms in Bristol on the tour for the last album. Didn’t realise they’d come back for a second gig.

Ive probabled viewed that thread 1k times myself


wow, you must be getting pretty excited for a new album?

I was 12 years ago, yeah

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I thought AYWKU… (etc) were “support”, not co-headliners?

Guys keep it in the main thread of WTAF

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