UK politics thread: Vote Kodos On 4 July 2024

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Just coz people will miss it from past thread

LabMaj of:

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Fuck! And after I made such a fuss of the month rule. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m going to go for the Truss option and say that actually I didn’t post in the June thread in July enough.

Getting canvassed literally every day by the Greens atm. You have my vote lads, please leave me alone.

My recycling bin is half booze bottles and half Starmer leaflets


Btw I know a lot of you will wonder how things stand re myself and Dan Jarvis MP.

Unfortunately his position as shadow defence sec. means I know he was not prepared to vote for a ceasefire for Palestine.

The dream is over. I am reminded that hope is for fools.


Pleased to report that I’ve heard absolutely nothing from Kellie-Jay Keen and the shit yourself for attention transphobe party though. If it hadn’t been mentioned on here I’d have genuinely no idea she was running.

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I think the polls are probably pretty accurate, and there might even be a powerful bandwagon effect (people like to vote for the winner, and in this case to feel like they’re going to be part of something historic)


Just realised there isn’t a Reform candidate in my constituency (though there is a Workers Party of Britain one).

Keep getting pamphlets from Galloway’s lot and that has probably been about as intense as the campaigning has been after the standard leaflets you get at the start.

Lots of Labour placards none for the other parties at all round here.

Loads of lid dem placards and posters up near me, one massive reform one in one of the million pound houses, one tory one and one labour one

i live in a tory constituency and I still haven’t seen one tory poster. We’re on the Davey train

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Yeah i’m in a tory seat too, big Ed came here last week. Didn’t do anything fun though


Still stubbornly predicting a hung parliament, as I was a year ago, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary


I admire this, but i’m going to have to ask you to show your working here

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Also on tory seat and lib dem target book. Getting absolutely hammered with the leafletting, door knocking and plaques. Have also had the reform candidate door knock last week. Disappointed to see that someone of the other side of the street took materials from him and is displaying them out the front of their house.

Looks like the big man was saving himself for the final push


If he bungees my last minute sway to the greens won’t happen

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It’s based purely on #vibes


Sure why not