Uncle Retro's listening club

I’ve been having a lot of fun this year with the Mogwai and Orbital listening clubs that have been running.
The Orbital one has only a week or 2 left in it so I’m thinking of the next one to run. So I’m going to run poll here to gauge interest. If you can think of an act in the same kind of genre / mood please feel free to suggest them but at the moment I’m think of one of these four.

Listening club poll
  • The Cure
  • Super Furry Animals
  • Underworld
  • Metallica

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I’ll close it in a week or so.

what goes on in a listening club? what are the criteria for entry? what are the participation obligations?

E.g., if I vote for the Cure, because I always vote for the Cure for everything, what am I signing myself up for / ruining by intruding upon it?

Just a list of albums, listen to one per week with a bit of discussion in a thread. Usually I start off with earnest enthusiasm and then my computer breaks or it gets too sunny to listen to Mogwai or something else and I fall off the club


A listen to a band’s discography, one album a week and chat about it, voting for the best songs on the album and rate it at the end of the week.



Filthy casual :stuck_out_tongue:


So long as you can tolerate my consistent inconsistency, I’m in.

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Underworld would probably get me involved. Metallica i’ve already listened to plenty and have no interest in the other two.

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Cure cure cure cure!

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disappointed this isn’t a thread where we listen to your music


I’ve never written any. :frowning:

Well there’s no time like the present.

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And that why I’ve been learning the guitar during lock down. :slight_smile:


I really like the Listening club format, the Bruce one has been good fun, wish I’d got involved in the Mogwai one too. I think all these would do well on here but I’m all for the Cure and I would commit myself to The End.


The cure would make such a good listening club.

They’ve covered so many different styles and genres, they have an accepted masterpiece but also lots of records that would split opinion eg the top maybe?

Bet even mega fans have blank spots with some albums and revisiting them could be really interesting.

The Cure!


This is what I think would be the most interesting think about the Cure. They’re one of my favourite bands but they have albums I’ve barely scratched.

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I’d go beyond The End all the way up to The End of the World.


I think a listening club is the only way I’ll ever listen to 3 imaginary boys front to back again.

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Which ones would you say you’re least familiar with? It’s been a long old time since I’ve played Bloodflowers or the 2004 one myself.

Christ! most of them :smiley: The 80’s pop stuff, the post Wish stuff. There’s loads.:open_mouth:
It’s only this year I realised that Bloodflowers is a really good album.

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It’d be a perfect chance for me to raid my dad’s reckerds to fill my Cure gaps