Unexpectedly-related celebrities / radio DJs married to yer man from Editors

Found out from the HGATR: Prince thread a while back that Maya Rudolph is the daughter of Minnie Ripperton, and thought that was pretty cool. Just found out today that Kevin Love (Kevin Love - Wikipedia) is the nephew of Mike Love (the worst Beach Boy), and thought that was pretty cool, too. Would never have guessed.

So yeah, that, basically. Bonus points for both the famous people being a GBORelatives

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Minnie Ripperton sings Maya at the end of that awful song she does cause Maya Rudolph was causing a stir in the studio

Probably just showing up my own prejudices here but I was really surprised when I learned that Danny Dyer is Danni Dyer’s dad.


yer man out of the 1975 is the son of Dennis from Auf Wiedershen

Noah from noah’s arcade is bill murray’s brother


Jozy Altidore is going out with Sloane Stephens

Matt Lucas and Lucas Radebe are second cousins.


Ant is actually Dec’s son.


Matthew Corbett (The Sooty Show, Sooty & Co) is the great-nephew of Harry Ramsden (chips, cod fillets)

Vernon Kay is Peter Kay’s step-brother

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In politics:

Shimon Peres and Lauren Bacall were cousins. As were Stanley Baldwin and Rudyard Kipling.

Didn’t realise the Lily/Alfie Allen connection for a long time, having missed her early hit ‘Alfie’

There’s really no beating Gary Oldman/Big Mo


Gary Numan and larger Mo?


Descended from royalty, too!


Wait what, though?

Brother and sister

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Awesome. Just read up, and her real name is Maureen, so Big Mo is closer to her real name than her actual stage name. About which…

Laila’s stage name “Laila Morse” was suggested to her by Italian actress Isabella Rossellini, whilst dating her brother, actor Gary Oldman. “Laila Morse” is an anagram of “mia sorella” which is Italian for “my sister”.


Just remembered Norah Jones and Ravi Shankar, as well as Rashida and Quincy Jones.

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And Denise Richards off Corrie / Loose Women