Unused download codes - share the love



Got one for the latest Gazelle Twin album Pastoral, which is awesome and got 10/10 on the main site (there’s a main site?!? Lololol…) :+1:


Don’t s’pose anyone has a spare download for the last Yo La Tengo one do they? My download card had a blank space where the code should be and the Matador email address for problems with download codes never responded to me.


Where did you buy it from? I’ve had success getting codes by going back to the shop or website and have them chase it through their contacts/distributors.


It was a birthday present from my sister, so not one I bought directly. She might have bought it on Amazon, which would be good if so as it should be available as a digital download in her account. I’ll ask her. Thanks :+1:


I might, let me check

EDIT: Have PM’d


Is this one still available?


Just PM’d you :+1:


Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman
Primal Scream - Give Out But Don’t Give Up (The Original Memphis Recordings)