Vinyl cleaner

Has anyone got/used one of those machines that cleans vinyl by spinning it around in some kind of magic solution? (I’m not really sure how they work).

I’m thinking of putting one on my Christmas list if there is one that does a worthwhile job without costing a fortune.

Do they give better results than a careful spray and wipe?

yeah i got one, it’s great but you have to use it with batches of records

spin master or somethign?


because you add a bit of the solution to a pool of water and then if you only clean one record you’re wasting the solution

for odd jobs i just use a spray and cloth i got online

Is it this fella?

that’s the one

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Does he machine get records noticeably cleaner than the spray and wipe?

i’d say it leaves less gunk between the grooves

sometimes I’ll use spray and cloth then play the record and the stylus picks up all the damp gunk. i don’t get that when i clean with this


I’d never bothered with a machine before because they always seemed massively expensive but £75 is not that unreasonable given how expensive vinyl is these days. It’s hard to buy even second hand stuff for less than £20 now and at that price it might as well be clean.

yeah it’s pricey

i got mine off somebody on here about 10 years ago maybe

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It’s cheap compared to this one

That one review there doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence

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not sure what they did to their records using it… err


I have the Disco Anti-Stat which works in a similar way.

It is a manual process. You need to turn the record by hand while it is mounted on a spindle and suspended in the bath of solution. There is a brush in the bath that gets into the grooves.

Works really well, particularly on records that are visibly dirty. I have mainly used it when resurrecting charity shop purchases that need a good clean.

Would love one of the powered ones but the manual ones work acceptably well for the little I use it.

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Spin Clean Record Washer MKII
Also on Amazon for the same price. 371 reviews with average of 4.4/5 which might just seal the deal for me,

Posting to keep this bookmarked. I was thinking that a record shop who sells 2nd hand could run a little side-line in offering this service to people. (Assuming they have one, which you would kind of hope). I wouldn’t begrudge paying 50p an LP to get them cleaned. Most of mine are in very good nick, but I’ve got a few horrors lurking around could do with a clean.

I buy second hand records from a shop in York who have recently started putting stickers on everything saying that they have been cleaned with a particular machine (I forget which). Since they’ve started using this machine everything looks really shiny but has a very noticeable residue in the grooves and doesn’t start sounding decent until you’ve played it four or five times to clean it out.

A local record shop in Southampton offers a cleaning service for £2. I believe it’s a high end machine and it’s meant to do a brilliant job. I have a few records that really need a clean so I should give it a go at some point.

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my local second hand place has one of these machines as well. I took a couple of relatively high value records to get cleaned. weirdly they ran them through a spin type washer first and then the ultrasonic one. so it took a while but did a good job.

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