Violent Door Staff at The Scala (C/W assault details)

New procedures. Good start

New procedures should be: no more bouncers. Largely unnecessary I reckon.

A club night can’t enforce that on a venue

Having security is probably part of the terms of their licence

Yeah sorry, I just meant that should be what happens with The Scala.

Yeah I figured Camden was ultimately to blame here. I guess it might depend on what they specify allowing venues to work to the letter of the law.

Personally I am just dubious of bouncers. They are so often violent in their attitude and response which we all know is almost never going to be the right way to contain problems. If someone is a real problem then the police should be called.

Having security/door staff is a very standard part of nearly every late-night license for any kind of venue tbh.

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Yeah. A lot of them are dicks and there obviously needs to be masses more deescalation training and vetting on who can do it, but having worked in a late opening city centre bar for years some form of physical presence inside a venue is a necessity


Absolutely this. We were quite lucky in that we always had good door staff too. A lot are failed military/police too which doesn’t help.

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We had one absolutely lovely bloke. Rarely had to be physical because he was a very kindly northern Irish guy who also happened to be an absolute brick shithouse.

Others were a sliding scale of alright to dickheads.

Still absolutely wouldn’t work a shift in a bar on a weekend night if the only response we had available for violence was phoning the police and waiting. There’s a level of boozed/coked where you need to be able to get someone out without a chat

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