Vossi Bop - Stormzy

Thought it had been a while since new Stormzy.

First listen on my Amazon Echo and that bass Does Not sound good through that. Of course, not much does so I will retry with headphones.

As usual he’s spitting excellent poetry. His lyricism is on point.

Thoughts? First Stormzy No. 1?

I heard it on the radio last night and thought it was OK. I tend to enjoy his stuff more on repeat listening though.

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Kind of tune where the video seems like an essential element:


Wow. Just wow. Elevates this to the next level. Love it.

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bangs tbf

Wonder if the director has seen the This Is America video.


definitely thought this too

This is cool. Like him over beats like this.

Recently revisited that video he did with Peter Rosenburg and I do forget how good he is.


Yeah I felt the comparison although from the look of his catalogue it’s very much in the style he uses a lot of steady cam follows and changing around the artist

Possibly this feels more like This is America because of the delivery of Stormzy is very smiley and happy on quite a dark lyrical sense, which doesn’t come through on the track on its own.

Anyway, I really like this track but it’s quite a low-key thoughtful sort of thing and I’m in my 40s so maybe I’m a target demographic.

That is amazing but this comment has done me

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I love so much that Idris Elba is in this. Seems so natural that he’s namechecked him and there he is just hanging out and yet also IT’S FUCKING IDRIS ELBA!


Yeah although I think it’s more coincidental. Like whoever did the video I think Elba would have been there.

FWIW I like that track.

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the facial line is a bit :grimacing:


Think I like this? Feels like it veers very close to corny territory both musically and lyrically but each time I play it I enjoy it a lot.