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Minnows Chelsea struggle past the mighty Leicester in extra time.
Liverpool smash up Derby

Anything else?

Pretty great twitter account here too.^tfw


Would be quite funny if Northampton won tonight


FFS :smiley:

Can’t wait for him to come good and start destroying everything in his path…


Would be pretty hilarious if he never came good though. Then sold at a loss to somewhere a few rungs down and he was reborn :smiley:


Leaks from the united dressing room already.

“wah jose’s mean, it’s not fair”

Absolute pricks, sell everyone. Even though it stinks of Rooney taking the focus away from his form again


I guess that’s the logical end-point of breaking a world transfer fee record for a player you let go for free really isn’t it


Just started to realise what an absolute mess this season will be for United. Rooney has already gone running to the press saying Mourinho is no Ferguson and can’t man manage and is clearly going to do his best to disrupt the dressing room whether he’s playing or not. As G Nev said, leaks to the press after one bad week and 6 games under a manager are completely embarassing on the players behalf. Overpaid bloody nonces. Convinced it’ll be a hard transition away from Rooney rather than a miraculous occurance of everything suddenly clicking into place, but it needs to happen now. Obviously won’t be pretty but if he has any balls he’ll get it done.

Prediction for tonight: Rooney doesn’t play, team still shite. MK Northampton Dons 4 - 0 Manchester United


Already dreading the weekend. Arsenal will get double figures against that shit show defence. It would be nice if Conte had the courage to drop Cahill. Preferably from the top of the stand.


got a feeling yer man Pogba is gonna be a great highlights player. blooters from 25yds, ridiculous close control and flicks and tricks galore. but not the rock in the midfield for years and years.

sort of guy who would take it past everyone twice up at the park, but when it came to picking teams, you’d probably make him second or third pick behind a couple of reliable work-horses


Hopefully Fulham’s depressingly young wonderkid Ryan Sessegnon will get a start tonight. He’s got 3 goals in 6 (mainly sub) games, from left back, made his debut the day before he got his GCSE results, born May 2000. :frowning:


My prediction of Zenga changing the entire team and it ending up being a reversal of Saturday was spot on.

Although we weren’t smashed as badly as I thought we might be.


What’s your starting XI been for the most part this season? Helder Costa, Ola John and Ivan Cavaleiro been playing in the same team? How’s CBJ getting on?


He’s exactly that type of player, for now at least. That’s why he was set up with Marchisio and Khedira. They provide that midfield solidarity, and Pogba provides a spark and takes risks and wins games with the odd moment of brilliance that they are not capable of. Ask him to be your defensive midfielder in a zonal marking system and you’ll find he’s simply not there to defend attacks. With the first two goals there was masses of space which should have been occupied by Pogba.

In many ways, it’s the same problem we had with Di Maria. He’s a high risk player but he wins games. However, if the rest of your midfield is in a muddle and your game is based around holding the ball for as long as possible, he’ll look properly wank as he turns the ball over while trying to do something clever.


*Solidity. Writing on my phone with autocorrect


reminds me of


The throw in in the final flashbacks section :’)


Ikeme, Batth, Doherty and any 8 others. Bodvarsson has been starting pretty regularly too, but there have literally been half a dozen changes from one game to the next. Ola John is yet to feature in any of the lineups. I’m not sure Costa and Cavaleiro have spent any prolonged time on the pitch together, one seems to be on the bench and the other one starting. I don’t know if Zenga is getting close to picking a best XI, or if he’s going to keep doing this all season - I’m guessing it’s going to settle down at some point, although he recently said that we’ve got the players to play a different team from one game to the next so we’ll see.

Not seen him play yet, but from what I’ve heard, Borthwick-Jackson looks like a decent player though.


I’m just fascinated by that set of players you’ve got there. Such a bizarre mismatch of a squad.


How can you be dreading a game against Arsenal? Even last year when we were properly rubbish we managed to beat them twice.


using the moniker Maureen for Manchester United’s manager

  • Hilarious play on words
  • Guaranteed sign of a complete cunt

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