Wednesday, I believe

On a very long train. Coach N!
Large black coffee and a pain aux raisins. Nothing much else to report.
Possible drink with hoogy later which is one of life’s great pleasures. Others are welcome

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Morning. Bad day of work ahead.

Hate missing deadlines when it’s out of my control.

After today things should be better.

Hope capital city is kind to you. Watched out for robbers.

I’ve gone double almond croissant for breakfast. It’s all downhill from here.


Had planned to be up early so I could get to work early, but then forgot to set an alarm. Classic.

Morning Aggers, Matt, Eps, Gunner. Just been to the gym for the first time in months, now my refurbished ankle felt up to it. I went in my kit and can again say it’s a terrible idea to wear shorts outside in 2C temperatures.

Had an extreme near miss on an airplane this morning. We landed at the airport and were taxiing to the terminal when we did an emergency stop with all of us head butting the seats in front. Look out my window and we were basically halfway across the runway with another plane taking off at right angles to us. I reckon the plane cleared us by about 20m. :grimacing: it’s very, very hot outside so I’m lying in a dark air conned room feeling grumpy.

@Matt_was_taken you don’t need to worry about packing cold weather clothes, lol.


Really, really cba

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I’d never get on a plane again.

Where are you now?

I am super tired and had a big drama last night and I just cba with anything today. So pizza for lunch then.

Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon


I’m going to share the last bit of the message with my girlfriend but probably not the first :sweat_smile:

Glad you’re ok. Was it warm out on halong bay? I think that and Sapa are the main ‘cold’ bits

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Enjoy, it’s a fantastic place. Though I think I’m in the minority of preferring it to Hanoi. Where else do you go before you return home?

Halong Bay was cooler but still not more than t-shirt weather. Mid 20s at least. A guide in Hanoi was trying to tell me that it drops to 8-10 degrees in December but I reckon she was telling porkies. Maybe tell her to bring a cardie plus something waterproof/umbrella but unless you both get really cold dress for a UK summer. (No idea what sapa’s like though)

Had Pho in the same restaurant that Bill Clinton ate in today.


R is being a nightmare again, off to his dad today thpugh. What time is he going to call me to pick him up because he has had enough?

  • 1pm-2:59pm
  • 3pm-3:59pm
  • 4pm-5pm
  • Usual 6pm pick up

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Hilly bike ride planned so hoping it isn’t before 4pm :frowning:

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Why do you have to stop what you’re doing to go pick him up? Why can’t you just say no, I’ll be there after 4pm?


Hi Aggpass, love your work darling.

Not read the thread yet, but can you please walk from one end of the train to the other and tell us the carriage (letter) formation please?

Á bientot,


He’ll just bring him home anyway.

I was in coach C last weekend but there absolutely no order to it and was, where I’d imagine, N would be. Madness.

Absolutely nothing to report.

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It’s 2 trains bolted together. J-A at the front. K-N at the back, no walkthrough between A and K. Madness

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Had a shit night baby wise. Up for about half the night, I’ve had 3hrs sleep. Think it’s a combination of a heavy cold and teething. Today at work will be awful, always is this time of year. :confounded: