Went to Frankie and Benny's yesterday

Won’t be doing that again any time soon. Shite.



I didn’t go to Frankie and Benny’s yesterday. I can’t rule out going there at some point in the next 18 months but it is highly unlikely.

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Frankie and Benny’s continuing existence is absolutely baffling to me. Most of the chain places I understand what they’re for even if I don’t like them. It’s awful, overpriced, absolutely hellish place

How has it not gone under? Not seen one since about 2007

I don’t think I’ve ever been to one actually but I instinctively feel like they’ll have some sort of barbecue sauce based chicken dish that I’d really like and that their desserts would be dece

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what did you order @tkc

I did too! Did we go to the same one?

last time I went to Frankie and Benny’s was many years ago and on entering the restaurant they informed us there was no heating and did we want to keep our coats on. We decided we were there and hungry and had a voucher so braved it.
My wife ordered salmon…at Frankie and Benny’s. Was the most overcooked thing I had seen in my life.

The worst chain going

Remember when I moved to a new place and I ordered from some hipster chicken place on UBEREats. It took ages to arrive so I googled it to get some contact details, and I discovered that it was actually FRANKIE AND BENNIES IN DISGUISE. They set up loads of takeaway places, all with hipster logo designs, ond for their chicken products, one for pizza, one for burgers etc. Disgusting behaviour. The food arrived eventually and it was, of course, shite.


Is there a single Frankie and Benny’s not in retail park?

Which one was that?

Worst industrial estate chain food option

  • Frankie & Benny’s
  • TGI friday
  • Harry Ramsden’s
  • Other

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  • Wagamama
  • Nandos
  • Five guys
  • Pizza hut
  • Pizza express
  • Other

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I ordered the Steakhouse Salad. Came absolutely drenched in a basil, mint and chilli dressing which made it inedible. Plus i dropped a cucumber and it made a right shit show on my clothes.

I also have a further controversy with them

still never been to frankie’s OR benny’s. points in the post please

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Don’t think I’ve ever been to a F&Bs you know.

I’d be more kind to Five Guys if it wasnt the second most extortionate place going (after WHSmiths)


Last time I went to a Frank and Bonz in person there was a bread tag in my burger and a millipede under a slice of my friends pizza


How did you know it was a millipede and not a centipede?


If you treat it as a nandos etc. equivalent rather than a McDo equivalent it’s easier to stomach the prices.

Awful veggie options though so fuck em anyway