What albums did you have on the same tape?

Hi people of a certain age. This came up in a How Good… thread the other day and I finally got around to making it a thread.

Title says it all really. I remember having Parklife/Definitely Maybe, Expecting To Fly/Suede, Different Class/Evil Empire and International Velvet/Hello Nasty. Loads more that escape me but what do the rest of you elderly people remember having?


Always tricky this, because your average 90s album was just a little too long for one side of a C90.

I gave Mrs CCB a tape with The Sophtware Slump on one side and Grace on the other. This was before we were going out, and we shared lots of jokes about Jeddy 3 :slight_smile: We were also emailing quite a lot and I remember titling one of my emails “Last Goodbye” and making her panic because she thought I was moving away :heart:


Shame you had to taint Grandaddy with that other one but still…


James - Seven
The Levellers - Levelling the Land

Banging tape that.


In hindsight, The Soft Bulletin would have been a better Side Two

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Had their best of on a tape but I’m not sure what else was on it, some bits off The Evening Session probably.

Far too many to remember! I cleared out 95% of my tapes, they’re now all in plastic bags in the garage as I haven’t found the heart to throw them away yet.

Some that I kept aside are here in this photo though, Shudder To Think “Ten Spot” / Renegade Soundwave “Soundclash”, The Weddoes “Tommy” / PWEI “Now For A Feast”, classics! :slight_smile:


Sneaky few MiniDiscs in there too!

I had a Minidisc that had De Stijl and Is This It on it.

Blimey, that’s a very early-oughts sentence.


Yeah, you never know, I might feel like connecting my old minidisc player up to the stereo some day!

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I’ve got a MiniDisc somewhere with crude recordings of the Radiohead Kid A big top gig and RATM at Wembley Arena from 2000 on.

Used to hate having to pick which song didn’t make the cut when recording stuff to listen to on my Walkman.

Favourite was Faith No More’s Angel Dust (up to Jizzlobber which cut out with about two minutes to go) and Live At Brixton (minus War Pigs for some fucking stupid reason).

Used to love a Minidisc for making a perfect mixtape. 46m30, chop out all the dead sound on the track, get the track listing bang on, very little gap at the end of each side (and never committing the cardinal sin of chopping the end off a song)

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Most of Californication on side A
Most of Origins of Symmetry on side B

Most of Chocolate Starfish on side A
Most of Free all Angels on side B

Most of Echo Park on side A
Most of Hybrid Theory on side B

Had loads, but can’t remember most of them. Listened to them all of a slim Sony Walkman on my paper round. Moved on mini disc after a few years (went through about 6 Walkman tape players and couldn’t be arsed anymore)




Gonna have a rootle through my old tapes after dinner. Talk to you soon!

Who made a mixtape (cassette only) to try and impress someone they fancied?

  • Of course, how else would they know how cool and thoughtful and sexually viable I was without 90 minutes of dross I liked as a teenager
  • No, I used my personality, charm and / or good looks

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Did it work?

  • No they didn’t appreciate how well Everything In It’s Right Place segued in to that one My Vitriol b side
  • Yes I enjoyed intercourse as a result of a cassette I made

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Needs a ‘too afraid to talk to anyone i fancied’ option


Typical disser behaviour this

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Assumed that was the default as we are all here posting about it.


Love the lard/jesus lizard combo

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