What are some of your tips for using the forums?

Here’s one of mine to get started

If you’re joining in a long thread, and want to reply to someone and then go back to where you were, click on the up arrow, to go back to the post you reacted to

Also, if someone says something really interesting that you want to reply to but feel like it’s going a bit off topic, quote their reply and start a new thread if you feel like it could make for a far better conversation rather than a sub-thread.

Click this button to have a good time.


Do top replies ever get their own threads? Could be a fun spin off.

The default when you create a poll is for it to be anonymous but it’s normally better to know who voted for what, so tick “Show who voted” in the poll builder or add “public=true” to the poll header.


…which is only available once you’ve clicked for ‘Advanced Options’.

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This is an odd one, there’s no option to switch the default option

They changed the interface a few years ago and either didn’t care that it made it more fiddly or we were the only forum using it enough and no one else noticed and made a fuss.


It’s just dawned on me that this meme is the reason I’ve started using “Hit da bricks” as a phrase in real life.


Could be worth bringing up on https://meta.discourse.org/ ?

Other poll builder quirk:

“Single Choice” and “Multiple Choice” refers to whether you’re allowed to vote for more than one option, not whether there is more than one option to vote for.

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There’s a thread here about it: Changing the default settings when users build polls - feature - Discourse Meta


Looks like there is a feature to fix it (linked at the end of that)

When searching, the first results will be one result per thread that contains the search term. If you want want to see every time it appeared in one of those threads you need to go into the thread and search just that thread.

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Preferences>interface>Grey Skull

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Grey Skull is the only one I can tolerate. Anyone who uses Dirty Yellow should be on some kind of watch list.



We can easily add more options

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Ignore this was meant as a reply to Sean

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