What do you know about Ishmel G Sanchez from Atlanta, Georgia


Ishmel Gabriel Sanchez is an Entrepreneur and Finance expert from Atlanta, Georgia. He started his education in finance with "Investment Banking Institute" where he got Extensive training and Accredited at The Investment Banking Institute whereby extensive training in financial analysis, Leverage Buy-out models, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Company Valuations. In year 2006-07 Ishmel got to New York Instiute of Finance for Wealth Management In-Depth Professional Accredition to understood Comprehensive overview from planning to management techniques along with the basics of global economics and the impact on wealth generation as well as the risks to maintaining wealth and also Examined the basics of client credit analysis, loan structures and regulations governing lending in the US and how credit is used to leverage other wealthgenerating instruments. During this period Ishmel also explored the complex world of tax and estate planning structures in the US and abroad.


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