What do you know?


Do you know what a gonk is?

  • Yes totes.
  • No, not a scooby
  • Yes, but had to look it up to make sure.
  • Thought I knew, looked it up, turned out I was wrong, but I guess I know now.

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I think I know but cba to look it up


Had a rough idea but actually just checked and it’s not quite what I thought, so have amended my vote accordingly.


I know what it is in Star Wars.


I wish I’d never voted against you being kicked off the boards.


you’re a gonk, mate


I dug deep and looked it up and voted



You and me, square go.


Thank you.


I always put a gonk on it


Good lad.




is it a pokemon?




I’m not aware of too many things. I know what I know, if you know what I mean? Well do ya?


I have to say though, if you click on images all those things look different… some are gnomes, some are trolls

so really I’m still not exactly sure


Yeah, the gnomes and trolls are not in my opinion “gonks”.


pals of yours, eh?


I’m going to tear you a new cock, burrito boy.