What does it mean if thin cracks start appearing all over your ceiling really suddenly


is my ceiling likely to collapse on top of me y/n


Is tiramisu’s ceiling gonna fall in? [poll public=true]

  • Yes
  • No


Condensation on the paint


Maybe water leakage from above?


i reckon my ceilings bound to cave in at one point from all my stuff. i’ll let you know when it happens if i have any tips


remember thinking there were cracks on my ceiling when i was on holiday once. it was ants crawling down into my room from the floor above. check if it’s ants.




It means you should have taken the other flat


You need to paint it again.


It means silence will fall.


Dinosaurs are coming,


That happened in my student house. Then one day my friend THE Ben Lewis, lost at Super Smash Bros., propelled the controller into the bedroom floor causing a huge chuck of plaster to descend into the living room.

Luckily we were all upstairs playing Super Smash Bros.
insert Pikachu gif here


RIP @tiramisu :frowning:


… and she was never heard from again


Elephant moved in upstairs.


Couple of questions:

  1. How long ago did they start appearing?
  2. How fast are they moving?
  3. How wide and how deep are the cracks?
  4. Was the ceiling recently re-plastered/skimmed?
  5. What’s in the room above?
  6. Has there been a recent change in weather, temperature or humidity?


thanks for the helpful response marckee, the rest of yous can get tae fuck

  1. few days ago. i only moved in a few days before that and i think it had been recently painted or possibly plastered
  2. when it started they literally were appearing in front of my eyes in a matter of seconds, loads of them (i thought i was going insane and hallucinating at first). since then there don’t seem to be many new ones though
  3. just thin hairline cracks, but very very long
  4. possibly, not sure because my landlord is uncommunicative (when i emailed him about it he just responded “don’t worry about the ceiling issue” which is exceptionally comforting)
  5. i’m on the top floor of a block of flats. there’s a locked door one floor up which i assume leads to some sorta loft space
  6. not really, it’s been pretty consistently hot since i’ve been here

further info: this happened shortly after i had enthusiastically smashed a mosquito on the ceiling, not sure if the impact of that could have set it off


I would have classed this as important first-post info, btw.


If it’s been recently repainted or replastered, and they’re only hairline cracks, then they’re almost certainly just where it’s drying out and maybe a little settlement.

I think it should be fine, however, if you see tide marks from water or hear water in your light fitting, I would be worried, as that would indicate that a water tank or pipe in the loft might be leaking.

Structurally, I’d be more worried about cracks in the wall, not the ceiling.


Pretty sure I heard my place sink a bit recently. Abnormally loud creak / boom with a few cracks appearing inside and on the outside stairs. Also 2 cupboard doors in the kitchen shifted out of line and wouldn’t stay shut until I messed about with the hinges. Lovely stuff.