What Films Are You Watching?- July Edition 🎞 📽 🎞

I watched these films in June

Might watch Charlie’s Angels 3 tonight cos I hate myself

Good idea!

@The_Respected_User how has A Clockwork orange aged? I remember finding it surprisingly dull and caught a but on TV a while back and it looked so dated, almost laughably so

Aged pretty poorly for the most part I’d say (although I had actually never seen it before)

Absolutely hated the heightened nonsense talk dialogue which makes the performances all really cringeworthy (and I already cringe enough as it is with British performances), the scenes with women being assaulted are really, really horrible to watch knowing how much disdain Kubrick had for his actors. All that said, it’s pretty astonishing visually still and some of the sequences are undeniably amazing.


The last of the films for June from me…


  • The Father - 2020 - 9/10
    Fantastic film making with incredible acting, perfect direction, subtle editing, smart set design and a razor sharp script. The deterioration both through visuals as well as dialogue is outstanding, accompanied with what might be Anthony Hopkins greatest performance. Heart breaking to watch but a masterclass that shouldn’t be missed.

  • On the Count of Three - 2022 - 7/10
    Dark comedy and definitely not for everyone. Despite the lack of sensitivity, I found the setup interesting with 2 leads that completely sold the narrative. The charming yet destructive friendship never dulls and despite a predictable ending, it feels satisifying for the characters. FFO Duplass Brothers.

Perfectly Fine

  • Old Henry - 2021 - Other than being a little basic and having no female characters at all, its a great little western film.
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - 2022 - Its grand, its yet another Marvel movie with a few little Raimi moments. Nothing special, very average and a little tired at this point.

Not For Me

  • Men - 2022 - Jesse Buckley is excellent as always, everything else failed to work for me.
  • Slalom - 2021 - Despite this film having a richer narrative, The Novice is my preferred movie. Solid performance from the lead actor Noée Abita but I found some scenes to be in poor taste.
  • Ambulance - 2022 - Exhausting but with some nice drone shots and an impressive number of practical stunts.
  • Spiderhead - 2022 - Nice idea, needed rewrites.
  • The Boy Behind the Door - 2020 - Setups are almost immediately paid off, characters lack any sense of urgency as well as acting with rediculous blindspots; frustrating.
  • Benediction - 2022 - Felt like a made for TV film with flat stage performances and some odd choices in presentation. Interesting story though.
  • Burning Cane - 2019 - A tough watch, offering little to sustain your interest.
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did you enjoy how Fred Elliott was in it

Of course I did!

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you’ve inspired a thread

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just 6 films last month - outrageous!

Massive Talent worst, Lair of the White Worm best - but Mad God by far the most intriguing

wonder when good films are coming back to the cinema

Bloody hell. Absolutely bat-shit crazy film, standard Russell tbf

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first I’d seen of his, loved loved the settings and the accents and the sauciness. Definitely added a few more of his to my list now

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Re-watched Wings of Desire this week and wondering if it’s the most recent ‘classic’ film where all the main cast have since passed away (though Wim Wenders is still alive of course)

Beavis And Butt-head Do The Universe. 10/10. The covid fever may be a factor but this was exactly what I enjoy watching on a Friday night. Streaming on Paramount+ now which is free with Sky TV.


Watched: 8
Best: Beans, The Handmaiden, Summit of The Gods
Worst: Men by a country mile

Probably won’t see many films this month because of holiday but hoping I can visit some nice cinemas while I’m there

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What’s happening with the thread title here?

Ali & Ava
Set it Up (rewatch after Top Gun Maverick for a reappraisal of Glen Powell)
A League of Their Own. Gina Davis: boss.

Worst: Men despite Jessie Buckley being great. Quite an achievement.

Sadly this was my only cinema visit of the month. Planning to see The Black Phone on Tuesday though


Did people like The Post? I watched it last night and had a blast. Just love those sorts of films, people in offices uncovering scandals. Can imagine @The_Respected_User liking this, am I right?

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It fucking rules, mate. I love it a lot.

Bloody knew I could count on you.

I also think it shows Tom Hanks is quite underrated as an actor. You always think of him being a proper good guy off screen so for him to make someone quite morally dubious and sleazy is even more impressive.

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Big time, mate. Its why his performance in Its A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood is so good. America’s Dad playing America’s Granddad but being able to play it as a real human being with nuance and an undercurrent of slight sinister vibes.