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Anyone else come across this. Entirely on brand for this site, the current series on Radiohead sucked me in. They’ve also covered Manic Street Preachers, Muse and Billie Eilish.

Long form discussions about each artist’s catalogue and career, around 3-4 hours per album. As with all podcasts your mileage will vary depending on how much you enjoy the hosts. I found them a little irritating at first, but once I got their sense of humour a bit more I enjoyed it. Didn’t take too long to click.

Anyway, have provided an enjoyable background to my various errands and journeys over the last couple of weeks and thought that others here might enjoy:


Not much, what is Music podast with you?


Might have to look into this. The idea of a Cane and Rinse podcast but for albums is very up my street

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Yeah, big fan of this. I like how they break up the album chronology with episodes on tangentially related stuff too - like the Meeting People Is Easy watch-along, interviews with producers etc.

Absolutely nailed on that the main host has an account on here I reckon….


Yeah, I was listening to their shortlist for next season and my thoughts were that this is essentially “Drowned in Sound - the Podcast”

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I really like it, I came for the Manics, and then nearly didn’t bother with the Muse season, but actually enjoyed it without once considering listening to the band Muse.

The jokes/mucking about started off being potentially annoying but has become the main reason I listen now, especially as they have opened up on various parts of their personal life and mental health.

I hope they don’t end up doing a season on My Chemical Romance though…


Tempted to give this a try but not sure I can commit to a podcast where they are ~30 hours into their Radiohead season and they’ve yet to get to Amnesiac.

Giving this a listen while i work today (starting at the beginning with the Manics) and I am really enjoying it. I am really pleased there is someone on the podcast that focuses on the music and melody with songs first rather than the lyrics as this how I approach music listening and most of the podcast I have listened to in the past the lyrics seem to be the singular most important thing.

Only on the first episode but at the moment the back and forth between the hosts is really enjoyable and their humour is pitched just at the right level for me. I’m also enjoying the structure they have where one of them is a super fan and the others are more coming at the albums as a first time/casual listen for a lot of them.

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Baby don’t hurt me


I ended up giving the radiohead season a go and am totally hooked. I’d echo all the positive comments above. It’s so enjoyable it might even tempt me to go back and properly revisit the first 4 Muse albums.

I kinda enjoyed the first couple of Muse episodes but I really like Showbiz so couldn’t deal with them just slagging it off so gave up. Probably says more about me than them though!

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Was similarly apprehensive but am really enjoying it and now I’m glad there’s loads of it, reminds me a bit of @Mert’s podcast with the three friends chatting aspect of it.

Have reached OK Computer and it’s reminding me how good OK Computer is.


Yeah, it’s great, I’m now patiently waiting for the first HTTT episode next Monday.

The OKC episodes actually led to a slight reframing of my relationship with the album. It’s long been my favourite of all time but I always attributed that to it being the perfect encapsulation of everything I’m drawn to when it comes to music. What I hadn’t realised is that it’s quite possibly the other way around. OKC may no longer just be my favourite album, it’s actually the album that shaped my taste in music over the past 25 years.

I found it super interesting that it took listening in on these 3 guys discussing the album for me to realise that.


Looks like they’re going to squeeze I Might Be Wrong in before HTTT

Ah yes, I forgot about that. Will actually give it a relisten before Monday.

Listened to a few Radiohead episodes and really enjoyed them so have went back to the start of the Muse series and will listen to that and Eilish before going back to Radiohead. Manics hold no interest to me so I’ll skip that.

It’s very good, and has made me want to start podcasting again.

Would like to get caught up by the time the Radiohead series ends but that’s around 140 hours…


Wow that is a lot of Muse content

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Given I’m up to date with this season I’m going to check out the episodes covering the first four muse albums.

I’m currently at Know Your Enemy pt 2 on the MSP arc, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Might even give the Muse ones a go.

So they’ve been letting listeners vote in a tournament to decide which discography they cover next and the finalists are Nirvana and REM. Everyone go vote for REM on their Instagram stories next week yeah?