What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?

Yep, podcast recommendation time, but no-one wants to have This American Life or Guardian Football Weekly recommended to them for the millionth time, so WHAT PODCASTS HAVE YOU STARTED LISTENING TO IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS?

Please make sure to include a brief description to save us googling things we don’t give a shit about.


Book Shambles with Robin Ince and Josie Long. They chat about books with a guest each week. This is sometimes good depending on the guest. Really enjoyed the Owen Jones one. Robin Ince can be really annoying though to be honest, very shouty sometimes and in general it can be too rambly even for the podcast format. Eddie Izzard episode was a complete joke - about 10 minutes in he said he doesn’t read books :expressionless:

I haven’t found any others in the time period thus the thread.

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Goodnight Sweetcast

@AQOS’s mates do an episode by episode analysis of Goodnight Sweetheart. Surprisingly compelling. I have no idea why.


Heavyweight - There’s an episode about a bloke who lent Moby a CD boxset which led to him sampling a load of stuff from it on Play trying to get it back.

The /Filmcast - Films

Everything else has been beyond the last three months.

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can you re-describe that Moby story please I don’t even

yeah been planning to listen to this but need to find the time to re-watch the programme as I’m doing it.

Never not funny.

They’re not exactly new but I’ve started making my way back through all the old episodes of BBC radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage. Bit of science and humour on my commute home.

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the body serve- gay canadian couple talking about tennis
listened to a few episodes of fresh air for the first time in a while
that’s it, sorry

I’m enjoying Goodnight Sweetcast too, despite having never seen the programme.

All Killa No Filla - 2 female British comedians discuss a different serial killer each week. Can be funny and very poor taste but also really fascinating. Harold Shipman episode is a good entry point.

started loads this year but barely any new ones in the last 3 months

still processing - jenna wortham and wesley morris from the new york times talking about recent pop culture stuff

Sounds like a straight rip off of My Favourite Murder.

Distraction Pieces - Scroobius Pip interviews various interesting people. Talks about himself and interrupts them a bit too much but otherwise good.
Comedian’s Comedian - Comedian (can’t remember his name) interviews other comedians about the inner workings of their comedy which is pretty cool.
More Perfect - Made by Radiolab, sort of simplistic but interesting look at the US Supreme Court
Strangers - a Radiotopia podcast which is just kind of interesting stories really

yeah I loved Distraction Pieces for about 3 or 4 episodes and now I just want to kill him every time I listen to it. He’s seems like quite a stupid man who thinks he’s really intelligent.

It’s a shame because the guests are always really interesting, and there’s a great range of people on there. But Pip talks over them absolutely all the time, cuts in, talks way too much about how what they are saying relates to his stupid music…really frustrating.

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what really annoys me is when someone starts making a point, especially if it slightly disagrees with what he’s just said, and before it’s possible for anyone to even really know what they’re trying to say he goes “yeah!” in agreement. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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YES! So annoying.

and ever time a woman comes on he usually mentions that some people criticise him for having like 95% men on the podcast and he NEVER accepts that it’s an issue, basically saying that anyone who brings it up is sexist cos they’re not suggesting particular women. so in effect he’s saying there aren’t enough good women to have on so it’s women’s fault. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Dunno, never heard of it.

Hip-Hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan - It’s quite guest-dependent but I think Romesh is funny and knows his shit about hip-hop (disclaimer: I don’t know that much about hip-hop). Good for recommendations.

Adam Buxton Podcast - you probably all listen to this already. Recent highlights were Richard Ayoade and Louis Theroux (meaning).

Freelance Cricket Club - A couple of freelance cricket journos do interviews with cricket people. Only listened to the Jimmy Neesham one so far but it was really good.

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